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Zoey Stuff! Yay! [11 Nov 2008|09:57pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Zoey Zigmody, Promo Poster 1
by *missmarypotter on deviantART
Yay, my first real promo poster for my new book, Zoey Zigmody and Something Spotty!
I have a gig coming up this weekend, and well in general I am trying my hardest to promote my new book (with no budget for marketing & a busy schedule)! So thanks for all the support and love from those who like what I do. I sincerely appreciate it!

Also available here:
Cover art by boogarshadow 

I also made holiday cards, a holiday mug, bumper sticker, and a license plate frame!</lj>

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Free Read, Save $2! One Week Only! [05 Oct 2008|11:04am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Zoey Zigmody and Something Spotty!
Get it while it's hot! You have till October 13!
You have one week to read the entire story of Zoey Zigmody and Something Spotty for free! That's right the free read PDF will be reduced to half or less, on October 13!

So read it now! While its still hot in Phoenix... wait, it's always hot in Phoenix! Nonetheless, this free reading of this fantastic story wasn't meant to last. You have one week left to read it for free! If you've read it already, and you like it, what are you waiting for, buy a hard copy for only $7.99!

But wait, because we're friends, I am going to give you this one week only special promotional code, to get the book for only $5.99! That's right, SAVE $2! For one week only you can by your copy of Zoey Zigmody and Something Spotty, for $2 OFF of $7.99, here: E-Store.

Promotional Code: XEBZK9BG
Expires 10/13/2008

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Zoey Zigmody & Something Spotty, debuts! [25 Sep 2008|07:22pm]


I present you Zoey Zigmody and Something Spotty! Free read! Enjoy!
boogarshadow, aka: Jodi J. Horne illustrated the cover!
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Welcome to the big 30. [02 Jun 2008|02:29pm]

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Mary,
Happy birthday to you!
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[02 Apr 2008|08:16pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Due to excessive spamming, the Celsius Forums for Mercury Brightman, have been deleted until further notice. I will try to find a better system then before. Thank you.

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Second Edition to Come [12 Jan 2008|12:38pm]

Alas, for those of you how have gotten my novel this year, you're in luck... because it will likely become a collector's edition. Here's why:

Since I haven't gotten a Literary Agent yet or a book deal (but I am still shopping), looks like I am going to have to edit The First Sign myself. I have been kind of holding off for some time hoping and praying that I wouldn't have too, because I would have obtained a literary agent and a professional editor by now. Granted I have been busy with book 2, life and stuff to hit the laborious chore of writing more agents and so not much has happened.

So what does this mean? It means that I am going to go over the book again for the 100th time and comb out the flaws that made it to print last year. When I am done, I am going to upload the 2nd edition in LULU, pay for the ISBN again so the changes can be applied and return to working on Book 2. So in a week, Book 2 goes on hiatus--that or I will be working on them at the same time. The content and story will not change, but some of the wording might in places. In the end I hope that the second edition will be close to perfect. I hope to have it to you all before I am 30. I will let everyone know the definitive Second Edition uploading date, when I am closer to it. That way from now until then you all can get the last copies of the first editions while they exist--flawed and filled with potential.

Thanks all. And please, don't tell me where the errors are or what they are... nothing is more annoying then that--I prefer to find them on my own. I prefer personal flogging then stones being thrown... which is what it feels like when people tell me about the errors. Honesty is the best policy, sorry if that is so frank. Okay, so thank you to all who have helped me and told me about the errors, this is not an attack, but a thank you for your input... now I must go face the literature and fix it on my own.
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Winners! [15 Dec 2007|10:54pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I am please to announce the winners of the Celestial Celebrations Contest:

Grand Prize: Jenga of Texas, USA
1st Prize: Amanda M. of Onterio, CA
2nd Prize: Veronda R. of Colorado, USA

All winners were selected at random from a bag, see video of drawing:

Commentary and Video: by Jodi J. Horne

Thank you to all of you who entered. I am was very excited to receive your entries and look forward to holding this event next year as well. There may be a similar event in June, so if you didn't win now, there will be other chances to enter to win in the near future. Thank you for your support and all those who helped spread the word about the contest. Thank you and bless you all.

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Mystery [23 Nov 2007|07:03pm]

Jodi, boogarshadow   has completed her contribution to the Celestial Celebrations Contest, but it is still a mystery to you folks and the world. Each week, I will reveal a little bit of the beautiful painting here, Original Mystery Painting, 8x10 Watercolour!

Check it out as the mystery unfolds!
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Entry Alternative [14 Nov 2007|08:48pm]

A new alternative entry feature has been added to the Celestial Celebrations Contest:

NEW!!! By Proxy Participation:
Contestants who can't afford postage may be permitted to submit their names by means of a Proxy entry. In basic terms, if you have an USA RESIDENT online buddy you trust, they can submit a postcard/greeting card for you. The information they submit must be as real as if it were your own to win a prize, if your name is drawn, so please be sure to that your Proxy contest entry representative includes your real email address for prize winning confirmation. Rule holds true, only one entry per person, but a friend could enter for you if you can't send your own in.

I hope this helps people who can't mail them in because it costs them an arm and a leg to mail a postcard overseas. I want to be accommodating to everyone I can. I cannot accept email entries. I did it this way to avoid my email being loaded up with spam, and people's entry getting lost in my bulk file that gets automatically deleted. Thank you all who want to enter and are doing so! Cheers!
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[10 Nov 2007|11:37am]


The 1st Annual Celestial Celebrations Contest Has Begun!
 From now until December 15th, submit a postcard or greeting card to:
Mary E. Gober,
Celestial Celebrations Contest
P.O. Box 51378
Mesa, AZ 85204

See Contest Rules for details and prize information!
Sponsors & Contributors include: &
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Featured [27 Oct 2007|09:26pm]

Today on, the artist votrereine, featured my book in a small article in DANews. It is a nice piece, fairly basic, but I wanted to share it with others because it was such a nice gesture from someone I have never met, and well, good news is good news. Check it out, I am number 5.

xposted on thefirstsign  & maryellengober 

& Celestial Celebrations Contest coming soon!
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9/9 [09 Sep 2007|05:38pm]

Happy Birthday Mercury!
Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, You are my Fictional Character, and I sincerely love you!

Today is Mercury's Birthday! I find it funny that today in the mail (yesterdays mail, gotten today), that the Library of Congress/Copyright Office sent me back my certificate for Mercury Brightman: The First Sign on this weekend. It is like her official birth certificate! Her (yes my book is a girl), registration number is TX6-599-395.

Which is really wacky, because she was conceived/thought up on interstate 395 going south. There are alot of cool numbers in regards to her conception on this form that amuse me. I do loads of numerology and stuff. I love numbers. Did I ever mention that? I think it is obvious. So cool! Only I would think paperwork is cool. I think I will frame it. Would it be weird if I sent thefirstsign a digital birthday gift on LJ?

Okay that is all! Going to cross post this on maryellengober & thefirstsign
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Mercury's Meez [12 Aug 2007|09:44pm]

Mya's Meez, under cutCollapse )
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Mya Vandimon (v3) [01 Aug 2007|04:40pm]


Mya Vandimon of Wade by =missmarypotter on deviantART

My time off has given me time to finish this piece. I am going to make a special batch of bookmarks,
featuring my photomanipulations. I may do a few more characters before I print. But I figured I better finish the new Mya.
I will let you know when the bookmarks are ready.
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Additional Fliers [18 Jul 2007|11:08pm]

Quarter Page

ColorBlack & White
Half Page

ColorBlack & White

Okay, I have also now made some smaller fliers for you all.
The Quarter Page are 4 Up on a 8.5"x11" page size, with color and black & white printing options.
The Half Page are 2 Up on a 8.5"x11" page size, with color and black & white printing options.

Let me know if you would like any additional sizes. As an added note, these promotional materials are for free distribution and not for sale. They are only to be used in the promotion of the book, and not sold for profit under any circumstances. Imagery is copyrighted under both the Mercury Brightman™ Series and Meredith Dillman © 2007. Thank you for your participation and respect for such things.
xposted thefirstsign , maryellengober , & missmarypotter 
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Business Cards [18 Jul 2007|12:17am]


Since some of you said that you would like to help hand out business cards at certain magical events this week, and well just to have, I have made printable business cards for you all. They are on 8.5"x11" sized paper (PDF files), and there are crop marks that indicate where to cut. They should be easy to print out and cut them out: line up the dashes on a cutter to cut them out, or just use scissors. I have provided both a color and black & white version of the card. Each sheet contains 10 cards. Print out as many as you like, and hand them out to people who might care about such things. Thank you for your support! Let me know if you need any additional items. Additional generic fliers & invites can be found here: (note that the business card sheets are there too).
xposted on missmarypotter & thefirstsign
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Ash Egan [12 Jul 2007|11:55pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I finally made an Ash Egan. I am really happy with the turn out of this piece. :D Jodi did a lovely previous design not too long ago. Okay, nothing big. Check it out.
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Ritz Brevis [09 Jul 2007|12:09am]

[ mood | busy ]

Last but not least of the characters that needed illustrating, I give you Ritz Brevis. He's short, he's shifty, he's very handy to have around. You might wonder what he is up to, but he will never let on what it is. He is very smart and very brave, and knows a great deal about the open road. You will not get lost with Ritz at your side, and if you heed his advice you will do well. Oh yeah, don't call him short either, he prefer's "least tallest," thank you very much.
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Lars [08 Jul 2007|12:34am]


This is kind of an interesting portrait, for those of you who know about Lars... if you know, KNOW, please don't mention it here nor spoil it for anybody else, why this portrait is interesting... if that makes sense. I have always avoided illustrating him for those reasons and well I figured now is a good time as ever. I think I struggle with him, because he is such a complex character, and knowing what he is about is tricky. Plus there is the right model and how to convey what I need you to see. I worked extra hard on this one to get the hair to look like hair. I really like the rough "brush" strokes I am using. I personally like it when a photomanipulation becomes an illustration. I fiddled around with extreme highlights with this one. By the way, for those of you reading the book, this is Lars in Prof. Diff's office.
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Korbin and Nicodemus [06 Jul 2007|08:37am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Korbin Ganymede and Nicodemus
by =missmarypotter on deviantART
I finally got around to illustrating/photomanipulating one of my friendliest characters: Korbin Ganymede and the unicorn Nicodemus. I am doing a sight redesign, and I needed to make some illustrations I can use for their character descriptions. I will be creating Ritz and then Lars before next week is out. They are kind of quick photomanipulations so they are a bit rougher then I would do, but I liked how this one turned out. Okay, that is all.

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