Mary E. Gober (missmarypotter) wrote in maryellengober,
Mary E. Gober

Second Edition to Come

Alas, for those of you how have gotten my novel this year, you're in luck... because it will likely become a collector's edition. Here's why:

Since I haven't gotten a Literary Agent yet or a book deal (but I am still shopping), looks like I am going to have to edit The First Sign myself. I have been kind of holding off for some time hoping and praying that I wouldn't have too, because I would have obtained a literary agent and a professional editor by now. Granted I have been busy with book 2, life and stuff to hit the laborious chore of writing more agents and so not much has happened.

So what does this mean? It means that I am going to go over the book again for the 100th time and comb out the flaws that made it to print last year. When I am done, I am going to upload the 2nd edition in LULU, pay for the ISBN again so the changes can be applied and return to working on Book 2. So in a week, Book 2 goes on hiatus--that or I will be working on them at the same time. The content and story will not change, but some of the wording might in places. In the end I hope that the second edition will be close to perfect. I hope to have it to you all before I am 30. I will let everyone know the definitive Second Edition uploading date, when I am closer to it. That way from now until then you all can get the last copies of the first editions while they exist--flawed and filled with potential.

Thanks all. And please, don't tell me where the errors are or what they are... nothing is more annoying then that--I prefer to find them on my own. I prefer personal flogging then stones being thrown... which is what it feels like when people tell me about the errors. Honesty is the best policy, sorry if that is so frank. Okay, so thank you to all who have helped me and told me about the errors, this is not an attack, but a thank you for your input... now I must go face the literature and fix it on my own.
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