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Free Read, Save $2! One Week Only!

Zoey Zigmody and Something Spotty!
Get it while it's hot! You have till October 13!
You have one week to read the entire story of Zoey Zigmody and Something Spotty for free! That's right the free read PDF will be reduced to half or less, on October 13!

So read it now! While its still hot in Phoenix... wait, it's always hot in Phoenix! Nonetheless, this free reading of this fantastic story wasn't meant to last. You have one week left to read it for free! If you've read it already, and you like it, what are you waiting for, buy a hard copy for only $7.99!

But wait, because we're friends, I am going to give you this one week only special promotional code, to get the book for only $5.99! That's right, SAVE $2! For one week only you can by your copy of Zoey Zigmody and Something Spotty, for $2 OFF of $7.99, here: E-Store.

Promotional Code: XEBZK9BG
Expires 10/13/2008
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