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Author of the future Mercury Brightman™©2004-06 Series

MercuryBrightman.comParental Advisory Letter from The Author
Also see: thefirstsign and missmarypotter
This is for my fans. I know, how egotistical, but who better to start the Fan Club, then myself. This is the first news feed/forum developed for the Mercury Brightman™ ©2004 Series, not due out anytime soon, but I am working on it daily. All updated info about the novel can be found here or on MercuryBrightman.com™, or at June Second Designs™.

New Poster in the Zazzle Shop, featuring Meredith Dillman's lovely cover art, along with some pretty promotional items. There is also new stuff in the Cafepress Shop too. Hope you will get yours!

Q: What is it about?
A: The book? Well I can tell you at this time it is about a girl who becomes a hero to the world. That is all I can really tell you about it at this time. When it is more concrete (legally, I will tell you more about it).

Q: What kind of book is it?
A: Intermediate fiction fantasy.

Q: When is it going to come out?
A: June 2, 2007

Q: Where are you in the writing process?
A: Done!

Q: Was that you on American Idol?
A: Yes.

Q: Why did you do that song on American Idol?
A: Cause I was nervous and I was told to sing and dance by the producers... and that was the first thing that popped into my head.

1) You may ask questions about Mary E. Gober or things related to the book.
2) You may post fan artwork here in your comments.
3) You may NOT post advertisements here of any nature, in your comments..
4) You may not repost any content from this LJ in any other venue without permission from Mary E. Gober.
5) You may not flame anybody here.
6) Please do not post your fan fiction here.
7) This is temporary, but if you are a publisher and have interest in publishing my book please email your proposal to MissMaryPotter @livejournal.com. Please include all your company information and samples of terms and conditions.
8) Rules are subject to change.

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